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My drives into work everyday take up a lot of time and the perfect way to pass the time doing something productive is to listen to Podcasts.  I recently came across the podcast of Andy Frisella, (CEO of 1st Phorm and Entrepreneur) called The MFCEO Project.  All I can say is Holy Shit.  If you are in the mood for some serious motivation, go check him out.  He constantly talks about how entrepreneurs are a joke lately because they fail to execute or do not have the right business sense to execute.  One phrase that really has hit me this last week was his attitude of WIN the F*CKING Day.Andy Frisella

How to WIN the F*CKING Day

Now I want to start off by saying that we can become motivated all we want in our heads and our attitudes throughout the day.  We can get pumped up listening to a song, or hearing someone speak, or just through sudden realizations that you want to change and you can do it.  Confidence comes and goes, but what matters most is the execution on that motivation.

What I mean by that is your motivation, what motivates you, is useless until it is put into action.  Execution is cashing that motivation check.  If you want to realize your dreams and goals, you have to execute.  That is where the attitude of Winning the Fucking Day comes in.

We are granted 24 hours in a day.  About 8 of that is used up by sleep, leaving 16 hours for you to “Win”  Winning can be defined in a lot of different ways.  If you work for a company 9-5 winning can be improving a certain process or completing that project that has plagued you for 6 months.  If you are starting a company, winning can be defined as getting those contracts, finding a certain amount of customers, etc.  The point is that YOU define what winning is.  These can also be defined as GOALS.

Ask yourself this question.

What can I do today to make tomorrow better?

I wrote an article not too long ago about how to set realistic goals and now I am writing about how to execute on those goals.  The Key to winning at anything is to set tasks that can be measured.  This can be things like read 20 pages in that book you have been wanting to read, or make 15 calls to customers, or take 20 minutes to meditate, or write that article that you have been wanting to write, study Chinese for 20 minutes, anything that can be measured.  By executing on those goals, you are making tomorrow better.

To WIN the FUCKING Day you need to execute on those goals and execute your vision.  Do not just go through your life working a 9-5 come home, turn on the TV, go to bed and think WTF..Why don’t I have enough time to do anything.  Be the kind of person that has a vision.  Write down your short term and long term goals and set smaller measurable goals to get to those bigger ones.

Rome was not built in a day and neither will your dreams.


-Doug Hartill