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What comes to mind?

Not all accountants are nerds.

Spreadsheets Galore!



or him?

Many people have different stereotypes of what accountants actually do.  Truth be told, Accounting can be so many different things within a company or across different companies and businesses, it is sometimes hard to come up with a precise definition as to what an accountant can do.

So I have come up with the Top 5 reasons to be an Accountant.

People Think Accountants are Super Smart

When you tell people you are an Accountant, people immediately think you are good with spreadsheets, numbers, money, debt, and wear a tie to work.  Being an accountant has its rewards and the reputation that comes along with it is definitely one of them.  While it may not be exactly true that all accountants are super smart, the world has adopted the Accountants as one of those fields that is highly respected.  Every business needs one, Every smart person should at least consult with one.  While a college degree in accounting is not necessary, many of those who pursue a career in accounting do have a bachelors degree or higher.  Those who choose to be a CPA also have strict licensing and continuing education requirements that need to be obtained.  So yes, being an accountant makes you look smart.  People trust accountants to handle their money (in most cases).

The World always needs good Accountants

Every business needs an accountant.  No matter what anyone says, an accountant will make business owners lives that much easier.  Instead of worrying about the payroll, insurance, taxes, cash flow, a business owner can focus on growing and running the business.  Because Accountants are needed at every turn, there is always high demand.   In good times and bad times, Accountants are essential for businesses to be able to make the tough decisions and keep all of the data manageable.  It would be impossible for them to operate without an accountant somewhere helping them.  This type of job security makes Accounting one of the best fields to go into.

You can work alone

For some people, this is the biggest reward for becoming an accountant.  Now, when I say work alone, I mean that Accountants have the opportunity to become a CPA or a tax professional and start their own business, becoming their own boss.  This is true freedom. More and more, people are becoming tired and disillusioned with the idea of working for someone else.  They want to experience true freedom and be their own bosses.  Becoming a CPA brings you that freedom.

If you are happy working for a business, you will not have the opportunity to work alone, but you will work as a team to accomplish the goals of the company.  In a business setting, the idea of working alone is hit or miss.  You will always have someone to report to.  Working for yourself brings the freedom for those who want it.

You can work in any industry

Accounting is not relegated to boring white collar businesses.  You can be an accountant for any industry whatsoever.  Government, Non- profit, professional sports, technology, agriculture, movies, entertainment, restaurants, they all need accountants and they are all looking for good talent to save them time and money.  You can gain experience in the movie business while not necessarily being on film or gain experience with professional sports teams without being a world class athlete.  Also, as an accountant, you will be exposed to different management teams and work with Finance, H/R, and even the Officers of the company.  Being an accountant exposes you to a variety of different jobs, it is pretty much endless from where you can go from here as an accountant.

You will never be bored

I have often heard accounting as being described as bailing out water of a sinking boar.  No matter how hard you try, your job is never done.  Being an accountant you will never be bored.  There is always new technology that makes accounting easier, or you always have a way to improve the processes and make your job work easier not harder.  Accountants have a birds eye view of the inner workings of how businesses are ran.  We know what works and what doesn’t work.  It will always be a steady back and forth from crunching numbers, to making sure the processes work efficiently and that the management teams have the most complete set of data so they can make informed decisions.


Accountancy for me has always been about the ability to help businesses grow, become better or more efficient, and having fun while doing it.  Accounting can be fun, but you must decide what type of accountant you want to be.  Someone who takes the position and makes it theirs, tries to improve processes, delivers complete data, or someone who crunches numbers all day.  I can tell you from experience that the number crunchers get burned out, those looking to make the business grow is the real reason to be an accountant.