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There is nothing better than an impromptu trip to Halloween at Disneyland.  Especially when my wife is obsessed with all things Halloween.  And i’m not kidding, she starts her decorating after the 4th of July each year.  I am sure she would start decorating earlier if I would allow it.

As we were driving around on Thursday thinking of things that we could do this weekend.  Various go to places like Park City and St George came up, but a suggestion of Disneyland came up.  We both gave each other the look, and it was on.

The Drive

Right after work on Friday, we made a run for it.  We decided to spend the night in Las Vegas at the Luxor.  They didn’t impress.  Especially after advertising that their rooms were $29 dollars and charging $35 for a resort fee and additional fees and taxes.  The $29 room ended up costing about $110.  Soo word to the wise, verify if your hotels have resort fees.

We woke up extremely early to make the second leg of the trip.  Las Vegas to Anaheim.  Being that we were now on Saturday, traffic wasn’t that bad.  We blew through and made it to Disneyland by 11am.

Halloween at Disneyland

The Entrance to Disneyland (Goofy is my Favorite)

If you have never been, you are definitely missing out.  Starting out, the entrances to both parks are decked out in bats, pumpkins, and all things Halloween.  Because we were on such a time crunch, we decided to only do the classic Disneyland rather than the Park Hopper pass.  As you walk in you are greeted by huge Pumpkins made out the the Disney Characters (My personal favorite was Goofy).  Making our way through to Main Street, USA, you find yourself immersed in Halloween Decorations during the Main Street Pumpkin Festival and come face to face with the famous Mickey Jack-O-Lantern.

For most of the day, there was a line a mile long to get your picture taken with it.  We managed to sneak in right before the parade and get a couple of snaps.  The crowds were not as bad as I would have thought for the first couple weeks of being Halloween.  The one place that did have INSANE crowds was the Haunted Mansion.

The Haunted Mansion

Since 2001, Disneyland has created the Haunted Mansion Holiday which combines the Haunted Mansion and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Halloween at Disneyland

The Haunted Mansion @ Halloween

Creative overlays completely take over the traditional Haunted Mansion.  It seems like a completely new attraction, and is the one place in the park there is an insane line to get in.
In traditional Disney fashion, half of the fun of each attraction is the wait in line.  So much to see and look at.  Pumpkins adorn the outside in an amazing mix between Halloween and Christmas.  New Tombstones and details from the classic movie have made this a completely new attraction.

Right outside of the Haunted Mansion is Port Orleans where you can order an AMAZING new treat, Pumpkin Spice Beignets.  Needless to say my wife was in heaven.  It wasn’t too heavy on the Pumpkin Spice and I actually enjoyed it.

The rest of the park

All of the other classic rides mostly stayed the same.  The only other change was to Space Mountain where that was transformed into Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy.  As we wound our way through Frontierland, we found the Dia de los Muertos celebration going on where there were huge skeletons elaborately decorated in traditional Dia de los Muertos costumes and colors.Dia de los Muertos  Apparently we missed the Coco parade that went down at California Adventure.


Another must have souvenir this year is the Oogie-Boogie Popcorn bucket.  Take off the strap it comes with and it makes the perfect decoration for around the house.  Ours is right in the middle of our dining room table.  We also saw the souvenir cup of the poison green apple whch was my personal favorite but didnt pick it up.  Thinking about it now, we are both kicking ourselves for not picking one up.

 There were also several different new Mickey ears for the season including Candy Corn Minnie ears and various other Halloween colored ears.

After a long day, we were bushed.  We decided to leave the park and have dinner at the La Brea Bakery, which did not disappoint.  We managed to see the fireworks from our seats on the outside porch.  The Chicken Pot Pie was amazing.  My beautiful bride had the Chicken Alfredo.  It was a perfect ending to our random trip.

Would I do it Again?


What I would change however was maybe taking an extra day to explore both parks and California Adventure during Halloween.  Apparently, they had even more Halloween decorations, which we missed out on.