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I get this question a lot.  As a working professional, how do I have time to start a business from zero?  With me personally, I have a full time job working 9am to 6pm Monday-Friday with the occasional overtime crunch as needed.  I also have to make time to see family (Both Mine and my wife’s), study for the CPA exam, and workout.  It is definately challenging, but doable.  You just need to stop being lazy and get organized!  I will go over the 3 most important keys to starting the ever important side hustle to get ahead in todays economy.  If I can do it, so can you.

Tip #1:  Budget your time

Because of your current position in life, you need to keep your current job just a little while longer.  You need those benefits and paycheck to come in until the side hustle can become profitable.  You may be working 9-5 like me and have to take care of the children, make dinner, do laundry, or whatever life throws at you.

Carve out some time daily.  Wake up an hour earlier and make those edits to the website.  Go to bed an hour later and write that blog post or create that business plan.  On your lunch break, shoot that video in your car talking about the latest trends because that is the time you have.  You need your job and you need to build your business slowly whenever you have time in order to be able to one day quit the job you hate and focus solely on the business you built.  Skip watching TV for a week and you will be surprised at what you can accomplish.

Tip #2: Be Methodical

A lot of time we have our head in the clouds when we are thinking about our future and what we want to accomplish with our businesses.  We think about scaling our operations without having a single customer.  Have a linear plan and focus on the most expedient needs first.

What I mean by that, is that you need to first think about customer acquisition and actually having something to sell or market.  Remember…No product, No Money.

Patiently sit and come up with a plan.  Set Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual goals.  Readjust those goals as you accomplish (or don’t accomplish) them.

Ask yourself important questions right off the bat and honestly reflect on them.

How will I get customers?
Who are my customers?
What do my customers want?
How can I keep customers coming back?
What needs to be created in order to start acquiring customers?
What can I do now to make tomorrow easier?
Is what I am doing now contributing to getting customers through the door?

Once you are done reflecting on these questions, set those goals that will address the immediate needs and that will make tomorrow easier.  Sit down and create that website instead of buying business cards or swag.

Always remember

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!              -Benjamin Franklin

Tip #3: Be Patient

This one is probably THE most important tip to put into practice.  You have to be patient while you are building something you are proud of.  It will take time, you will have setbacks, you will have issues that come up, but what really matters is having the patience with yourself to know that these things take time and success is not an overnight guarantee.  You have to go through the blood, sweat, and tears to make it.  If what you were doing is easy, dont you think there would be more people doing it?

You will screw up, you will become at one point discouraged and ask yourself why you are doing it.  Push forward, remember why you started down this trail in the first place.  To be your own boss.  To have freedom.  To be financially secure.  To Blaze your own path.

Keep your head up in the dark times and the good.  Constantly try to make yourself better.  Invest in yourself and your ideas.  Do not cut corners.  You can do this.