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I absolutely love to travel. Nothing compares to getting on a plane and in a few hours be somewhere completely foreign to me.  I have not been a world traveler, but that will change.  While I may not be the guy with a backpack who gave up his job to travel the world (yet…), I have the goal to see the world with my beautiful bride.

Here are 5 places I NEED to visit.



This one is personal to me.  My mothers side of the family all come from Cuba, so that makes me half Cuban.  Apparently, I still have some long lost cousins, aunts and uncles that still live on the island although we have zero contact with them.  Before the Cuban Revolution and Communist takeover, Cuba used to be a wonderful island paradise.  The country looks like it is stuck in the 1950’s.

What can I say about the food.  Growing up half Cuban, it would be Plantains, Picadillo, Ropa Vieja, and the classic Cuban Sandwich.  There is so much more to Cuban Cuisine, that I will have to do another post about that.


Rich with amazing history, Japan has it all from amazing mountains, forests, and waterfalls to amazing city and night life filled with lights and amazing food.  I definitely want to get an authentic Samurai Sword, however I have heard tradition that once the sword leaves the land it was created in, its soul is gone as well.


A beautiful country known for its Mountains, Watches, Chocolate and Bank Accounts.  Getting lost in this small European country surrounded by mountains should be easy.


A robust culture with AMAZING food, Italy is definitely on my bucket list.  Seeing historical places such as the Vatican, Coliseum, and Venice, Italy has a huge amount of culture wrapped up in a small package.  The homeland of Lamborghini and Ferrari cannot be all that bad.

New Zealand

What more can I say other than this place has the most diverse landscapes in the world.  No wonder why it was chosen as the backdrop to Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings.  Although it may take a full day to get there, it will be well worth it.  A perfect place to reset ones batteries.